Something Out of a Dream

The absolute best!!! 😍
I had been looking at renting a place here all summer! I couldn’t get our schedules to line up, so finally booked over labor day weekend. We just got home and I wanted to share how neat this place is!
We stayed in unit 777 (the tall pink/red townhome). It was amazing! As soon as you see the complex driving down the road, you know you’re in for something special! The colorful little villas and townhomes dot the landscape like something out of a dream. They are ADORABLE! 😍 We pulled our car into the garage, unloaded everything and my daughter immediately wanted to check out the pool. (I did too, haha!) We got there in the evening and the pool was SOOOOOO nice. They have a deck box with floats for adults and kids, squirt guns, etc. that my daughter enjoyed. The water was super warm, and the lights were magical. Definitely our favorite part of the trip was the pool!
We ate at The Boardwalk Grill every night and didn’t venture much beyond that. It was a super short walk over and back. My daughter LOVED the live bands they had every night we were there and stopped to tear up the dance floor on the way back, haha! (She’s five)
The beds were comfy, it was well stocked (I brought extra TP, paper towels, trash bags, etc. but didn’t need them.)
I seriously have nothing negative to say about Boardwalk Village. We’ve traveled quite a bit, and to have this within 30 minutes of us, I feel so lucky! We will be booking for next year ASAP. (It will be PERFECT to rent out with my sisters and their families!)
It was neat talking to everyone in the little hang out place and pool. Some people came from hours away to vacation here.
What a special place, and we are so lucky to have it here.
Thank you, Boardwalk Village for a nice end of summer trip! 😍 — Lacey Gibbs

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