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Exciting Rebrand: Rush Sports Complex to the Shipyard Sports & Events Center at Boardwalk Village

Redefining Sports & Entertainment

Boardwalk Village and its family of companies are excited to announce a rebranding that will redefine the sports and entertainment landscape in the community. Formerly known as Rush Sports Complex, the venue will now be known as the Shipyard Sports & Events Center located in Celina, Ohio.

Our core purpose has always been to create an all-in-one experience that resonates with both locals and visitors alike. We take pride in being recognized as a cherished hometown destination and a unique getaway boasting small-town charm and big-time experiences, where unforgettable memories are made.

Alongside Boardwalk Village & The Shipyard is Ohio’s largest man-made lake. Situated in the heart of Midwest Ohio, Grand Lake in Celina holds a storied history that dates back to the early 19th century. Initially constructed in the 1830s to serve as a feeder reservoir for the Miami and Erie Canal, Grand Lake swiftly transformed into a crucial transportation route for the area’s growing industries. Today, Grand Lake has evolved into a recreational hub, drawing visitors from far and wide.

The rebranding of The Shipyard Sports & Events Center represents another step in our commitment to fostering growth, development, and camaraderie within our community. A shipyard is a place where ships are built and repaired, and our goal from the start is to build leaders in an environment that youth and adults get to learn, develop, and have fun all at the same time. We want to help build these strong “ships” at The Shipyard so that they can continue on to lead in good character and integrity, with mentorship, leadership, and sportsmanship in mind.

This renewed vision will include updates inside and outside of the facility along with a new brand strategy. We will continue to offer a diverse array of programs including leagues, tournaments, and clinics year-round, while growing and adding to our 67,000 sq. ft. facility. The Shipyard will also serve as a versatile space for hosting a variety of events ranging from conventions and conferences to food truck rallies and beyond.

In addition to the Shipyard Sports & Events Center, we’re excited to introduce the Upper Deck Sports Bar. Formerly Par-Tee Golf Lounge, this will transform to a full-service sports bar and restaurant serving up delicious sandwiches, wings, fresh cut fries, and appetizers along with domestic and local craft beers and specialty cocktails. You can catch all the sports games on the multiple TV screens, join in on fun events, and even try out one of the four golf simulators. And best of all, it’s open to everyone!

At Boardwalk Village, we firmly believe in contributing to the success and prosperity of our lakeside community by attracting foot traffic, supporting business growth, and creating enjoyable experiences for all. The Shipyard Sports & Events Center, along with the Upper Deck Sports Bar, represent and align with the Christian values of our family of businesses.

We invite you to stay tuned as we eagerly anticipate the transformation coming in July.

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